gobi altai

  • 戈壁阿尔泰

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  1. The Gobi Altai fault zone is over 1 000 km long along the Gobi Altai Mountains. The preliminary study shows that the left lateral strike-slipping rate of the fault is around 1~2 mm/a.
    戈壁阿尔泰山发育的戈壁阿尔泰断裂带断续延伸可达 10 0 0km以上 ,目前的研究认为 ,其滑动速率为 12mm/a。
  2. Bogd fault is the largest fault in the Gobi Altai fault zone. An earthquake with M=8.3 occurred in 1957 along the Bogd fault, and left a 250 km long surface rupture zone in south Mongolia.
    其中的博格德断裂上 195 7年发生了戈壁阿尔泰 8.;3级地震;形变带长约 2 5 0km。
  3. "Altai" means gold in the Uighur language.
  4. The first dinosaur eggs were found in the Gobi.
  5. He opted to represent Altai territory.

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