genome library

  • 基因组文库

genome library的用法和样例:


  1. Homologous comparing of the isolated MARs in the human genome library and locating in chromosome of genome: These relative analysis were completed by the BLAST software ( of American National Bioinformatics Center.
  2. Endomycopsis fibuligera G45 genomic library was established in E. colt C600 with E.
    以穿梭质粒pCN60为载体,大肠杆菌C600为受体构建了扣囊拟内孢霉(Endomycopsis fibuligera)G45 Sau 3A基因文库。
  3. A smear of bands was observed. A genomic library of mouse embryo constructed with Charon 4A phage was screened with MS3 cDNA probe.
  4. A TAC genomic library of CBB23 harboring Xa23 gene was constructed using TAC binary vector pYLTAC68HB. The library consists of 68736 individual clones.
  5. The recombinant plasmid was transformed into E.coli JM109 by electroporation to construct the genomic library with the capability about 22500.
  6. The pool and pcoR, luxl and luxR homologs which were two components of QS system, were cloned from genomic library of P. fluorescens 2P24 by heterologous expression in E.

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