fundus oculi

  • 眼底

fundus oculi的用法和样例:


  1. Objective:To study the fluorescent manifestations of fundus oculi lesion in several types of retinal degeneration.
  2. Indocyanine green fluorescein angiography plays an important role in fundus oculi diseases diagnosis.
  3. To observe the hypotensive effect of Urapidil in operation on patients with fundus oculi disease accompanying hypertension.
    目的 :观察乌拉地尔在眼底病伴高血压手术患者中降压效果。
  4. The more important is that it is advantageous for observation of fundus oculi, so we can treat the retinal lesion in time.
  5. The vision, field of vision, fundus oculi and electroretinigram were examined before and after the treatment respectively.
  6. Conclusion The types of blood pressure rhythm are influenced by age,but it is not associated with sex,BUN,CRE,NO,ET and arteriosclerosis of fundus oculi.
    结论 4种血压节律曲线类型与年龄明显相关,而与性别、眼底小动脉硬化程度、肾功能、血管内皮功能之间无明显相关关系。
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