france football

  • n. 法国足球;权威足球杂志;每年举办"金球奖"评选欧洲足球先生。

France Football的用法和样例:


  1. The long running and prestigious poll to select the outstanding player currently plying his trade in England is organised by France Football magazine.
  2. The prestigious and long-established honour, which is organised by the magazine France Football, was established in 1956 with Stanley Matthews the first winner.
  3. Although the France Football magazine, who organise the award, won't reveal the name of the winner until November27 in Paris, Buffon is thought to have succeeded previous winner and Barca star Ronaldinho.
  4. Kaka received 444 points from France Football magazine, which organized the vote. Portugal and Manchester United winger Cristiano Ronaldo was second with 277, while Argentina and FC Barcelona forward Lionel Messi finished third with 255.
  5. "I have only played in Ligue 1 for two years and I believe I need to play one or two more seasons in France," Rami, who is of Moroccan roots, said when pressed on his future by France Football.
  6. He won the France Football African Footballer of the Year and the African Footballer of the Year in 1972 while playing with Hafia FC in Conakry, Guinea.

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