fossilized wood

  • 化石材

fossilized wood的用法和样例:


  1. A kind of silicified fossil wood with mixed pits on the radial tracheid wall is described.
  2. Based on the research of the fossil wood specimens, the authors propose that the geological age of the angiospermous fossil wood group and the paleogravel bed in Yangluo is Neogene of Cenosoic.
  3. Meanwhile the wood anatomic features and the key to genus of living gymnosperm in China are presented for scientifically naming the fossil woods.
  4. With the discovery of angiospermous fossil woods in Yangluo, Wuhan in 1984, fossil woods and gravels in Yangluo, Wuhan, attracted great attention of scholars all the while.
  5. We investigated the Early Tertiary deposits in the Chang-chang Basin in Hainan Island and collected lots of samples for palynological study and lots of samples of fossil woods.
  6. DING Qiu-hong,ZHENG Shao-lin,ZHANG Wu.Mesozoic fossil woods of genus Xenoxylon from Northeast China and its palaeoecology[J].Acta Palaeontologica Sinica,2000,39(2):237-249.

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