febrile patient

  • 发烧的病人

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  1. Methods To examine plasmodium in the blood of the febrile patient,cure cases and supervise floating population.
  2. The pleural effusion as exudates was predisposed to be loculated.Conclusion: It should be pain attention to the possibility of viral pleuritis if a febrile patient ...
  3. This antipyretic action is usually rapid and effective in febrile patients.
  4. However, the status of cellular thiols and apoptosis of neutrophils in febrile patients admitted to the emergency department (ED) has not been reported to date.
  5. Objective To know the epidemic condition of Rubella virus(RV) in Harbin,we screened,evaluated and compared febrile patients's blood serums and blood cells in the first half year 2003,and take serumal and pathogen research.
    目的为了明确哈尔滨地区风疹病毒(R ube lla v irus,rv)的流行情况,对2003年上半年采集的部分发热患者血清及血细胞进行筛选、鉴定、比较,进行血清学和病原学研究。
  6. It suggests that physicians should think of cryptococcosis in febrile patients who are presented with skin lesions resembling molluscum contagiosum.The key points to avoid misdiagn...

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