extreme drought

  • 极度干旱

Extreme drought的用法和样例:


  1. In turn, Goulden adds, when forests in the western U.S. inevitably go through periods of extreme drought, the entire forest is put under severe stress.
  2. Today's U.S.Drought Monitor map shows extreme drought conditions hanging on in the western half of the Carolinas and in part of southern Texas.
  3. Today's USDA Drought Monitor map shows improvement in the Dakotas, but extreme drought conditions remain in the western half of the Dakotas and southern Texas.
  4. Visible, of land degrade the desert region harm that should compare extreme drought is more serious, frangibility is stronger, zoology environment is weak..
  5. The latest drought monitor map from the USDA shows extreme drought conditions in southern Texas, southwest Kansas, western North Dakota and the western half of the Carolinas.
  6. One reason alfalfa is rich in nutrients is because its roots extend as much as 30 feet into the soil, reaching stores of plant food and water reserves and allowing it to withstand extreme drought.

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