escrow account

  • 条件交付帐户

escrow account的用法和样例:


  1. Mary: If I want, I can protect myself by paying through an escrow account, which holds the money until I receive the item.
  2. Thousand Dollars),in his escrow account with the South africa Reserve Bank ( SARB ),as if he foresaw the looming danger in Zimbabwe.
    千元) ,在和南非联邦准备银行 ( SARB) 的他附带条件委付盖印契约帐户中,好像他预见了津巴布韦的迫近危险。
  3. Now, you referred to escrow accounts and bank deposit slips.
    现在,你们需要出示第三方账户 和银行押金单
  4. Escrow accounts for property taxes and insurance payments are required.
  5. The Guarantee will be paid in a separate joint account (Escrow account) which will be established within (14) fourteen days from the date of issue from China reputable lending bank in South Africa.
  6. Dreier, according to court documents, was the only person at the 238-lawyer firm to have authority over those escrow accounts.

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