electric knife

  • 电切刀,高频电刀,高频手术刀

electric knife的用法和样例:


  1. We introduced the application of a serial of self-made instruments such as electric knife bit, retractor, deep knotter in minicholecystectomy( MC).
  2. This paper describes the basic principle of a high-frequency electric knife, its safe guarantee system, its different burns in clinic and preventable emoluments.
  3. Objective To investigate clinical effects of the application of high frequency electric knife in repairing perforations of pulp floor.
  4. Doctor of past dermatological department is commonly used and high frequency excrescence of skin of etc of mole of electric knife or wart of common of electric iron burn, pigment.
  5. Methods By the immunological treatment of self-body’s wart implantation after resected by electric knife,we try to improve body's active immunological function.
  6. Methods 159 of 106 cases of colorectal polyps by electronic high-frequency electric knife colon endoscopic treatment effi cacy analysis,including adenomatous polyposis 85,accounting for 53.5 percent.
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