elderly rat

  • 老年大鼠

Elderly rat的用法和样例:


  1. Elderly rats on these supplements had more energy and ran mazes better.
  2. Ligusticum wallichii was poured in to the stomache of elderly rat for four weeks. The results showed that ligusticum wallichii decreased the lipid peroxide content in brain,heart,liver in the elderly rats(P<0.01).
  3. Objective To compare the thickness of the retina and its sublayers between young and elderly rats using a stereological method.
    摘要 目的 应用体视学方法探讨衰老对大鼠视网膜总厚度及各层厚度的影响。
  4. French researchers found that a leucine-supplemented diet restored a more youthful pattern of muscle-protein breakdown and synthesis to elderly rats.
  5. Lack of nutrients may also accelerate ageing itself, with Dr Ames's own work showing that over-the-counter dietary supplements can boost both energy and memory in elderly rats.
  6. The fierce rat is tussling with a grown rabbit.
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