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  1. Edman degradation showed that N-terminal residue of PAP-s was He.
  2. The synthetic chimera polypeptide was confirmed by Edman degradation and MALDI TOF mass spectroscopy.
    合成的嵌合体用Edman降解和MALDI TOF质谱鉴定。
  3. The synthetic mutant was identified by Edman degradation and ESI (electrospray ionization) mass spectrometry.
    合成的突变体用 Edman降解和电喷雾质谱法进行鉴定 .
  4. At last, the purified products will be identified with experiments of shift fiber dissolution and Edman sequencing and will be measured specific activity.
  5. The avarage attachment yield of protein samples to the AP-APP and DITC-APP membran e was 68.34% and 78.63% respectively, the repetitive yield for Edman degrada tion of the AP-APP membrane and DITC-APP membrane was 90.69% and 91.47% respective ly.
    用上述膜载体偶联样品进行Edman降解、测序 ;结果表明 :蛋白质样品在上述两种膜载体的偶联率分别达到6 8 34%25及 78 6 3%25 ;序列分析的重复收率分别达 90 6 9%25及 91 4 7%25 .
  6. DPI and its analogues which were shortened at the N-terminal of theB-chain,i. e. Des B_1(Phe)-DPI,Des B_(1-2)(Phe Val)-DPI and Des B_(1-3)(Phe ValAsn)-DPI,were prepared from A_1-(MSC)-DPI by Edman degradation.
    通过Edman降解方法,从A_1-(MSC)-DPI制备了B链N端缩短的DPI类似物,即:去B_1(Phe)-DPI,去B_(1-2)(Phe Val)-DPI和去B_(1-3)(Phe Val Asn)-DPI。



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