edge area

  • 边缘区

edge area的用法和样例:


  1. One cutting edge area of research in motoring safety is the use of digital in-car assistants.
  2. The edge area of Qinghai-Tibet Platean in Southwestern of China is famous for its abundant waterpower and will be an engineering construction center,.
  3. Using the edge area as focusing window and linear forecasting method, the system can acquire clear image of upper object with little interfererence of the background.
  4. After NERA has been established and human disturbances are mitigated, landscape change in the edge area is lessened and core area is broadened, namely the edge effects reduce.
  5. The flow field parameter distribution can be affected more in upper stream, especially near the leading edge area while the mach number distribution of the upstream blade surface is affected little.
  6. For edge areas, the input vectors are quantized with large-size codebook to maintain the image quality.
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