dvm system

  • 数码涡旋多联式空调系统

DVM system的用法和样例:


  1. According to the working principal of the system in summer, the "HEER" is introduced to judge the energy cost performance of the DVM system.
  2. According to the experimental data of HEER and HHPF given in this paper, some analysis of the energy consumption of the DVM system is done.
  3. In this paper, based on DVM system, a visual parallel program developing system is designed, which offers a visual developing environment.
  4. With the comparison of the DVM system and the Frequency conversion multi connected system on energy cost characteristic, the energy saving effect of the DVM system is approved.
  5. In conclusion, a developing environment based on DVM system is designed. With the main fuctions realized, the environment lays a solid foundation for further research and improvement.
  6. The dynamic load and the total cooling volume of the system in summer are calculated by the DeST software. With the experimental data of the HEER ,the SEER of the DVM system in summer is also got.

DVM system的相关资料:


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