dusty surface

  • 灰面

dusty surface的用法和样例:


  1. The dramatic images showed the spacecraft's footpad planted on the dusty surface as well polygonal patterns on the ground that looked similar to icy arctic regions on Earth.
  2. On further inspection, we determined that the deposits were hydrated sulfate minerals, rich in iron and magnesium, concentrated just below the dusty surface.
  3. The time it takes the Phoenix Mars Lander to streak through the atmosphere and set down on the dusty surface has been dubbed “the seven minutes of terror” for good reason.
  4. If all goes well, a NASA probe will conclude a six-month voyage spanning 286 million miles on Tuesday and enter orbit around Mars to begin mapping minerals, elements and frozen reservoirs of water across the dusty surface of the Red Planet.
  5. The dusty road made the travelers dusty too.
  6. Hot and perspiring, he toiled up the dusty ascent.

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