dusty plasmas

  • 尘埃等离子体

dusty plasmas的用法和样例:


  1. The present thesis aims mainly at studying Mach cones in 2D dusty plasma.
  2. The characteristic parameters for dusty plasmas of rocket exhaust plume and polar mesosphere are estimated and analyzed based on their practical data.
  3. In order to solve the problem,the calculation formula of microwave attenuation constant and phase constant of weakly ionized dusty plasma was deduce.
  4. In chapter three, the effect of dust size distribution for the two-dimensional DAW in the collisionless, unmagnetized two-ion-temperature hot dusty plasmas has been studied by considering the higher order transverse perturbation.
  5. In chapter two, the small but infinite amplitude dust acoustic wave (DAW) in a collisionless, unmagnetized two-ion-temperature cold dusty plasma has been studied.
  6. It seems that: 1. For the power law distribution (PLD) cases, the DAW in the cold dusty plasma propagate quicker than that of the mono-sized dusty plasma. It is found that the DASW for PLD dusty plasmas is lower than that of the mono-sized dusty plasmas.
    结果表明:1.;将尘埃颗粒大小呈Power Law Distribution (PLD)分布的双温度离子冷尘埃等离子体中的尘埃声孤波与尘埃颗粒大小相同的尘埃等离子体中的尘埃声孤波相比;其传播速度满足v_0>(?)

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