dsp chip

  • 数字信号处理器芯片

DSP chip的用法和样例:


  1. A new DSP chip TMS320F240 used in the digital motor control (DMC) was presented, and its application in the VVVF system was discussed.
  2. We designed one system using high capability price ratio DSP chip of TMS320VC5402 of TI Corporation.
  3. TMS320C5501 is one of C5000 series high-performance DSP chip, which is produced by Texas Instrument.
    TMS320C5501 DSP芯片是美国德州仪器公司(TI)生产的高性能的数字信号处理芯片。
  4. TMS320F281x is a kind of newly designed high-precision control DSP chip produced by Texas Instruments (TI).
    TMS32 0F2 81x是美国德州仪器公司 (TI)新近推出的一种高精度控制数字信号处理器(DSP)。
  5. In this paper, the algorithms of LD CELP and TMS320C54X fix point DSP chip are presented briefly.
    本文首先对G?728 编解码算法和定点数字信号处理芯片TMS320C54X作了简单介绍。
  6. A real-time radar signal processing system is described, which is based mainly on three pieces of DSP chip ADSP_TS101.

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