double q-switch

  • 双Q开关

double Q-switch的用法和样例:


  1. The ns-scale sustained pulse time attribute the success to the development of Q switch technology.
  2. We also deduced the peak power, laser pulse energy and pulse width for the Q switch laser, and optimized the Q switch theory.
  3. This laser modulates after the acousto-optic Q switch, turns the extremely high peak power, the high repetition rate pulse laser.
  4. In experiment, a Q switched ruby laser is used as light source, and a double exposure hologram of friction welding joint is obtained.
    试验中 ,以调Q红宝石激光器为光源 ,拍摄了摩擦焊接头的双曝光全息图。
  5. In the experiment, purified and unpurified CCl_4 media are studied with an Nd:YAG laser system with Q switch, the results are found to agree well with the numerical solutions.
  6. In linear cavity AOM is employed as the Q switching.
    在Littrow结构的体光栅与二向色镜构成的线形腔结构中 ;利用声光Q开关 (AQM)调Q ;在 10 64nm得到了光谱线宽约为 0 .;0 8nm稳定的激光脉冲序列

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