double object

  • 双重目的

double object的英文翻译是什么意思,词典释义与在线翻译:


  • 双重目的

double object的用法和样例:


  1. The "V 了 NP-N" structure of double object in modern Chinese has some distinctive features.
  2. Abstract: In line with construction grammar, this paper analyzes the differences of construction meaning between double object and dative construction.
    文章摘要: 本文从构块式语法的角度观察双宾语结构和与格结构问构块式意义的差异。
  3. The English double object construction (DOC) and dative construction (DC), are not of the relations of derivation or transformation, but rather differ in cognition and meaning.
  4. This research conducted two experiments on English-speaking Learner's of Chinese to explore the acquisition of the Chinese double object dative constructions (DODs) and the function of the bootstrapping procedure in SLA.
  5. Based on this idea, it is further argued that all cases in the double object construction should be structurally checked and both the case of direct object and the case of the indirect object are checked in a specifier-AgroP relation.
    这样双宾语的结构式中就有两个宾语一致短语(AgroP),直接宾语一致短语和间接宾语一致短语。 直接宾语和间接宾语分别移到[Spec,AgroP_1]和[Spec,AgroP_2]核查格。
  6. So the structure should be regarded as Wei Dong Double Objects on most linguistic occasions.
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