double cpus

  • 双CPU

Double CPUs的用法和样例:


  1. The system has double CPUs which are relatively independent and cooperative in master slave structure, and includes TTL,RS232 and RS485 serial communication interfaces.
    该系统采用双 CPU主从式结构 ;相对独立又相互协调地工作 .;涉及 TTL、RS2 32、RS4 85三种串行通讯接口电路
  2. To meet the need of modeling calculation on line,the double CPU system using digital signal processor TMS320C31 and 80c196 microprocessor is designed.
    为了满足建模过程的在线运行 ,设计了 DSP处理器 TMS32 0 C31和 80 C196双 CPU硬件系统 ;
  3. Using double CPU configuration consisted of PMAC-PC and IPC, a system for online measuring and machining of cylindrical surface of parts was designed.
  4. The paper discusses double CPU full digital control system,instead of analog control system,and how the full digital control system pulse connects to power cubicle.
  5. Based on features of the racking machine of powdery injection?熏a double CPU controller is designed using WE78E58B chip microcomputer and I2C serial storage in this paper.
  6. The communication scheme of synchronous Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU), which has been developed in the form of double CPUs: Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and high-speed AVR MCU, is presented in this paper.
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