dividing cell

  • 分裂细胞

Dividing cell的用法和样例:


  1. Interfascicular cambium A single layer of actively dividing cells between the vascular bundles in stems.
  2. Because folate is essential for the synthesis of DNA in dividing cells, anything that involves rapid cell proliferation, such as spermatogenesis (the production of sperm cells), requires folate.
  3. Other transitional microtubule arrays were observed, which constituted the typical microtubule cycle in the dividing cells of plants.
    同时, 还观察到在各种典型微管列阵相互转变过程中存在各种微管列阵的过渡状态。
  4. Apical meristem The actively dividing cells constituting the growing point at the tip of the root or stem in vascular plants.
  5. Next, patients are given an antiviral drug, Ganciclovir, which the thymidine kinase then converts into a substance that destroys all dividing cells.
  6. And the hippocampus of other mice carrying the mutant human gene for a protein named presenilin has a decreased number of dividing cells, resulting in a reduced number of surviving neurons.

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