differentiation cell

  • 细胞分化

Differentiation cell的用法和样例:


  1. The morphological changes of differentiation cells by immunocytochemical staining.
  2. The differentiated cell gets out of the cyst through a dorsal small pore of cyst wall and becomes a morphologically normal ciliate.
  3. In order to know much more about anti-tumor mechanism of ASAC, the author evaluated not only the toxicity of ASAC on mice but also the effect of inducing differentiation cells in vitro.
    为了进一步了解ASAC 抗肿瘤作用的机理,在检测ASAC 体内毒理的基础上,进一步体外测定了ASAC 促细胞分化效果。
  4. Such as differentiated cells in nature garlic, the undifferentiated cell in garlic callus also has the ability to synthesis and accumulate SOD.
  5. Based on the analysis of CRCP differential cell,a general analytic solution considering nonlinear bond-slip relation between steel bar and concrete and that between concrete and base is deducted.
  6. Results: Well differentiated cell line CCL229 had great amount of ER, which consisted of a complex system of tubules, lamellae, and flatten vesicles, and distributed throughout the cytosol.

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