differential services

  • 区分服务

differential services的用法和样例:


  1. QoS technologies guarantee QoS by implementing differentiated services.
  2. Combined with the status, the DSM analysis and dicision system is developed to realize differential service and create conditions to save energy and reduce consumption.
  3. Integrated Services and Differentiated Services on TCP/IP are introduced in details; deep research on the technology of Web QoS and Web QoS in cluster.
    论述了关于网络QoS和Web QoS技术的概念、分类、协议和关键技术,详细介绍了TCP/IP网络的综合服务和区分服务协议,重点研究了各种Web QoS的实现技术和集群Web QoS技术。
  4. Based on the basic ideas of the K-shortest path and partial link-disjoint protection,DCSP can provide differentiated services for customers according to their SLA-parameters.
  5. Differentiated Services(DS) architecture has been proposed by IETF to implement QoS in IP networks. However, research shows that there exists unfairness in DS network.
    区分服务(Differentiated Services)是IETF为实现IP服务质量(QoS)而定义的一个体系结构。
  6. This paper presents a distributed dynamic resource management scheme with aggregate states for the assured services based on AF PHBs of Differentiated Services(DiffServ)networks.

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