differential resistivity

  • 差动电阻率

differential resistivity的用法和样例:


  1. An input voltage in a region of relatively low differential resistance that serves to limit the voltage swing.
  2. Owing to this phenomenon, negative differential resistance (NDR) will appear and it is a powerful microwave mechanism up to now.
  3. The resonant tunneling diode (RTD) is one of the most promising band-gap engineered heterostructure devices due to its negative differential resistance.
  4. A subcircuit model is established by using standard devices, which simulates the negative differential resistance accurately by choosing appropriate device models and parameters.
  5. Drop of differential resistance results from the effect of photocurrent multiplication,which is due to the electron impact ionization when photocurrent-generation proliferates.
    关键词 光电倍增;
  6. This device could exhibit the negative differential resistance (NDR) characteristics in the current-voltage curve by suitably arranging the parameters of the MOS devices.
    经由适当的设计MOS元件的参数,我们可以在 其电流-电压特性曲线上得到负微分电阻的特性。

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