differential ratio

  • 差动齿轮传动比

differential ratio的用法和样例:


  1. Such display does not only reduce attainable differentiated ratio, but also may cause glint because of low frame frequency.
    这样的显示不但降低了分辨率, 而且由于其帧频较低而发生严重的闪烁现象。
  2. Growth inducement rate reached to 90.16 and 86.83, especially 450mg/LCH promote callus to differentiate more green buds, and differentiation ratio reached 83.87%.
    450mg/L CH还能促进愈伤组织分化出较多的芽点;分化率达83.;87%25。
  3. The results suggested that if the EBs was induced by means of hanging for 3d and suspending for Id by RA in the concentration of 10~6M, a comparatively higher differentiation ratio will be got.
    结果表明,用10~(-6)M的RA处理悬滴培养3d转悬浮培养1d的EBs 4d,能得到较高的神经分化比例。
  4. The Application of Differential Ratio Method of Core Porosity Combination Logging on Identification of Gas Layer
  5. The ratio of students to teachers is 35:1.
  6. The ratio of schoolboys to schoolgirls is 2 to 1.
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