differential phase shift

  • 微分相移

differential phase shift的用法和样例:


  1. Further computation indicates that the ferrite slabs loaded ridged waveguide has broadband frequency properties and the grooved waveguide has greater differential phase shift.
  2. The effects of weak optical feedback (WOF) on the bit error rate (BER) of coherent optical differential phase shift key-controll (DPSK) systems are presented.
  3. This m file simulates a differential phase shift keyed (DPSK) ultra wide bandwidth (UWB) system using a fifth derivative waveform equation of a Gaussian pulse.
    (译):这米文件模拟差分相移键控(差分相移键控)超宽带( UWB )无线系统使用五分之一衍生波形方程的高斯脉冲。
  4. According to the principles of signal communication, the phase shift function was used to modulate the carrier phase to produce differential phase shift keying (DPSK) signal.
  5. The differential phase shift changes as the change in the thickness of the ferrite phase shifter is calculated with the transcendental equation.
  6. Along with further escalating of electronic confrontation,electronic warfare and improvement of high power signal source,high power differential phase shift circulators are in ever increasing demand.

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