differential operation

  • 差示操作,微分运算

differential operation的用法和样例:


  1. Based on the analytical solution of partial differential in symbolic differential operation,the method of dynamic mathematical modeling of a twin-spool turbojet is proposed.
  2. By referring to a calibrated position on IAA7, three kinds of experiment are planned and carried to prove the effectiveness of differential operation of positioning.
  3. By using knife edge as object,and CMOS sensor as device for image analyzing,we get edge spread function from the image and use differential operation and FFT to obtain modulation transfer function of the lens,then its image quality is known.
  4. The proposed method can avoid computing or pre-setup threshold.Furthermore, it's quite simple differential operation and binarization require far fewer digital computations than does the BJTC.
  5. A Fast-Settling, High Dynamic Range Fully Differential Operational Transconductance Amplifier.
    是Professor B.;E
  6. Based on the fully differential operational amplifier and the dynamic comparator, the ADC can achieve 10 bits resolution and 10Msamples/s.

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