differential gps

  • 差分全球定位系统

differential GPS的用法和样例:


  1. Differential GPS Based Control of Heavy Vehicles; Final research rept.
  2. In short-baseline differential GPS or E911 radiolocation based on mobile communication networks, multipath becomes a major ranging error source.
  3. In the absence of the selective availability errors,the positioning accuracy of differential GPS is strongly dependent on the spatial decorrelation of the ionosphere.
  4. It also introduces the utility geodetic way which uses a cheaper differential GPS positioning system to do field-point geodetic survey in a conventional weapon test base.
  5. It is proved that the system has a high accuracy by making use of the technology of differential GPS, which is the improvement of the traditional artillery geodesy.
  6. Differential GPS has been widely used nowadays. The data between reference station and mobile one is transmitted by RTCM SC-104.In this paper,both the thought and the flow of decoding program are emphasized.
    差分定位技术的广泛应用和推广具有重要的经济意义,而参考站与流动站之间的数据传输是差分定位技术的重要组成部分,而两站间的数据传输正是以RTCM SC-104标准进行的。
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