differential games

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differential games的用法和样例:


  1. Mehlmann A.Applied Differential Games[M].Plenum Press,New York:,1988.
  2. The system dynamics is used to make the simulation about the differential game under the condition of complete information and incomplete information.
  3. A book co-authored by Professor Yeung and Professor Petrosyan, Cooperative Stochastic Differential Games, is to be published soon by Springer-Verlag.
  4. This paper aims to make a research on the establishment of enterprise dynamic competitive strategy based on the theory of differential game.
  5. First, we give a differential game model;then we identify a no cooperative equilibrium of a differential game played with Markovian strategy and analyze the strategy .
  6. Combining forward and backward stochastic differential equations and filtering techniques, the Nash equilibrium point of a type of partially observed LQ nonzero sum stochastic differential game problem is obtained.
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