differential display

  • 差异显示

differential display的用法和样例:


  1. By differential display method, we identified the human ASPM gene that was frequently overexpresses in HCC.
  2. DR1 genes are new fruit ripening genes from tomato by differential display PCR, belong to auxin response gene family (Aux/IAAs gene family).
  3. We used the methods as following:(1)Fluorescent differential display (FDD) was applied to identify the difference of key genes expression between F6 cells and MSCs.
  4. By mRNA differential display technology, RACE method, DNA and RNA gel-blot analysis, we obtained 6 positive differential expression cDNA fragments between NC and BBC.
  5. Rat ZA73 ( GenBank Accession Number: AF011363 ) , an EST was cloned from rat tracheal epithelial ( RTE ) neoplastic transformed cell model induced by a-particles radiation using mRNA differential display.
    ZA73(GenBank Accession Number:AF011363)是本实验室从大鼠肺上皮恶性转化细胞模型中采用mRNA差异显示技术克隆到的EST片段之一。
  6. A software has been developed to simulated and calculated the temperature distribution and steel stream status in the continuous casting mould for slabs and billets using limited differential display.

differential display的相关资料:


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