differential cross

  • 差速器十字头,差动十字轴

differential cross的用法和样例:


  1. KORP-1 is used to calculated the direct (n,p) or (p,n) reaction differential cross section and its Legendre coefficients as well as the integral cross section.
  2. Electron scattering from argon in laser field is investigated employing the second order Born approximation. The absolute differential cross sections of e Ar scattering with multi photon exchange in the special geometries G 1 and G 2 are calculated.
    本文利用二阶玻恩近似方法 ( SBA)对激光辅助 e-Ar的碰撞进行了研究 ;在两种特殊的散射几何G1 和 G2 下 ;计算了交换多个光子的微分散射截面 .
  3. The differential cross sections of ( e,2e ) reaction for electron impact lithium atom have been calculated with distorted wave Born approximation(DWBA) method at incident energy 400 eV and 200 eV. We also study the influence of distorting potentials.
    采用畸变波玻恩近似 (DWBA)方法 ,计算了入射能量为 4 0 0eV和 2 0 0eV的电子碰撞锂原子 (e,2e)反应在非共面对称几何条件下的三重微分截面 (TDCS) ,并研究了极化势对TDCS的影响。
  4. In order to test these results, the differential cross sections of e-Ar scattering are calculated with the static screen potential by the second Born approximation and low-frequency formula, respectively.
  5. The electron impact ionization cross sections for different energy assignment on two final-state electrons (energy differential cross sections) of heliumlike ions have been calculated by using a disrored-wave Born exchange approximation.
  6. In this paper, a fivefold differential cross section(FDCS) for electron impact double ionization of helium is calculated in the case of high incident energy(E 05.6 keV) and low ejection energies(E 1=E 2=10 eV).
    完成了高入射能 (E0 5 .;6keV);低敲出能 (E1=E2 =10eV)情形下;电子入射双电离He原子五重微分截面 (FDCS)的理论计算。
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