different wind

  • 不同风速

different wind的用法和样例:


  1. The growth rate of Microcystis aeruginosa under different wind wave strength and different nutrient levels was test simulated.
  2. Then the shifting sands can be continuously blocked by sandbank.Under different wind speeds, we had tested the effect of sand-blocking ...
  3. The characteristics of droplet drift and deposit were tested in the comparative trials with representative nozzles at different wind speeds, temperatures, relative humidity etc.
  4. The dynamic characteristics of evaporation process for naphtha and crude oil were researched in three aspects of different wind speed, evaporation area and relative location of evaporation surface to ground in wind tunnel.
  5. Wind pressure distribution on a large span station awning at nine different wind incidences was measured in wind tunnel test.Based on the data of the experiment, figures of isobar were drawn.
  6. The di fferences of fibroblast properties were also present in different wound repair.
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