different restoration processes

  • 不同恢复类型

Different restoration processes的用法和样例:


  1. The results showed that the species richness and diversity in different successional series of the P. orientalis plantations were gradually increased with a fluctuating way in the restoration process.
  2. Jiao J Y, Jiao F, Wen Z M.Soil water and nutrients of vegetation communities under different restoration types on the hilly-gullied Loess Plateau.
  3. Wu Y, Liu Q, Qiao Y K, Pan K W, Zhao C M, Chen Q H.Species diversity changes in subalpine coniferous forests of different restoration stages and their effects on soil properties.
  4. Another archival or restoration process is currently in progress on this computer. Cannot continue archival at this time.
  5. The results indicated that the number of soil nematode varied significantly (P<0.01) in response to different restoration stages of vegetation, ranking Wj >Cc >Clc >Pm.
    土壤线虫数量的季节波动明显; 属数与个体密度均体现为春季>冬季>秋季>夏季; 而夏季极显著少于其他季节(P<0.;01);

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