different n concentration

  • 不同氮浓度

different N concentration的用法和样例:


  1. At the same time, the screening cultivars and densities, and testing the effect of different N, P, K ratios were conducted.
  2. Soil NO3--N concentration and accumulation of intercropped faba bean were lower than that of solecropped faba bean at three nitrogen rate.
  3. There are notable differences of N concentration ,P concentration ,C:N ratio and C:P ratio between leaves on the surface and those 5cm below the surface .
    林型和时间对N浓度、P浓度、C/N比、C/P比变化趋势产生影响。 同一种林型内地表和地下5厘米处叶片对N浓度、P浓度、C/N比、C/P比变化趋势也会产生影响。
  4. Eight Dutch surface soils were used in this study to analyse different N fractions in 0.01 molL~(-1) CaCl_2 extracts and percolates at different temperatures.
  5. A hydroponic experiment was conducted to investigate the effect of different N levels on the growth and anti-cancer glucosinolates content of Chinese kale (Brassica alboglabra).

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