different land use

  • 不同土地利用

Different land use的用法和样例:


  1. The socioeconomic conditions and topographic characteristics of the two townships were quite different, which in turn led to very different land use patterns.
  2. Ability of holding water and preventing erosion of different land use ways in Taihang mountain were studied through investigating the characters of vegetations and soils.
  3. Most councils now have websites with LEP (Local Environment Plan) zoning maps, which clearly show the different land use zonings and restrictions on various areas within a suburb.
  4. The 19 soil samples in all soil layers in different land use types can be classified in to 3 sorts with different anti-erodibility on the basis of fuzzy-clustering analysis.
  5. Therefore, keeping the balance of the number of different land use types and substituting land input for capital and technology input will be meaningful to promote sustainable land resource use.
  6. The course will discuss the need for incorporating coastal and marine issues in land use strategies. Different land use planning strategies and models at differe...

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