different economy mies

  • 不同经济制度

different economy mies的用法和样例:


  1. Emotion tensity is a special response to the objective reality.Different emotion tensity can cause different economy response.
  2. Different economy grows level, the resource that the mankind depends on is different, stimulative economy grows the action of the element to also differ.
    不同经济发展阶段 ,人类依赖的资源不同 ,促进经济增长因素的作用也不同。
  3. Each right of specific belongings is in jural flow and make over between the different economy principal part that has equal place, formed property right market.
  4. These different economy ideas and idea, counteractive live at real economy, be opposite necessarily the development of socioeconomy, generation is promoted or the action of block sluggish.
  5. In the pattern of international division of labor of East Asia area, province of chinese mainland, Taiwan and day devoir do not represent 3 kinds of different economy to develop a type.

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