different degraded degree steppe

  • 不同退化强度草原群落

different degraded degree Steppe的用法和样例:


  1. Han B,Wang J,Zhao M L,Xu Z X,Suo P F.Genetic differentiation of Stipa krylovii in different degraded soil[J].Acta Agrestia Sinica,2003,(6):146-153.
  2. This paper analyse plant composition,aboveground biomass,the proportionof good grasses and nutrient element in soil at different degraded grassland in Dari county,Guoluo, Qinghai.
    研究分析退化草地的植被组成、地上生物量、优良牧草比例、高原鼠兔密度以及土壤理化性质等特征,探讨“黑土型”退化草地的成因及生态过程。 结果表明,中度退化草地生物量最高(50.;3g/0
  3. The results show that the degradation degree and quality of degraded chitosan were affected by reaction temperature, time and quantily of hydrogen peroxide.
  4. Different degradation degrees
  5. There was a decline of AMF species with the degradation degree of grasslands: there was 10 species AMF which belonged to 4 genus in normal grassland, while there were only 7 species of 2 genus of AMF in seriously degraded grassland.

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