difference of income division

  • 收入分配差距

difference of income division的用法和样例:


  1. On Difference of Income Tax Accounting between China and the U.S.A.
  2. Difference of level of income of dweller of current our country presents distensible trend, this is the fact that does not dispute.
  3. We discover, as economic development, industry structure changeover has made an impact difference of income of dweller of current China town and its fluctuant the mainest factor.
  4. The benefit of investment involves market and money, a certain level of which can be measured by the difference of income between the laborer at this level of education and that at the next.
  5. So, "Invisible hand " with " the hand that sees so that see " mutual and harmonious, joint action, just can resolve difference of income of our country dweller unreasonable distensible problem.
    所以 ,“看不见的手”与“看得见的手”的相互协调、共同作用 ,方可解决我国居民收入差距不合理扩大的问题。

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