decay time

  • 衰变时间

decay time的用法和样例:


  1. Decay. The more absorption in a hall - the shorter the decay time.
  2. Aftersound (14) Second portion of a sound decay having a longer decay time.
  3. But open-air stage still had adequate early decay time (EDT) and strength factor (G) to perform Chinese opera.
  4. The measurement results show that the rise time is about 2.58ns and the decay time is about 55 ns of the EMP simulator output waveform.
    测量结果表明此电磁脉冲模拟器可以输出前沿大约为2 58ns、衰落时间约55ns的双指数脉冲波。
  5. Abstract Lutetium oxyorthosilicate(LSO) is a new type of inorganic scintillator which has high scintillation efficiency and fast decay time.
    摘要 硅酸镥是一种新型的高发光强度、快响应的无机闪烁体。
  6. From time-resolved PL (TRPL) measurements, we can generally find that the PL decay time of the green light is longer than that of the blue one.
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