de villiers

  • 德维利尔斯

De Villiers的用法和样例:


  1. In spite of the tension, de Villiers will hardly change his plans.
  2. He advised it three weeks ago in Dubai when he criticized to de Villiers and he asked him “not to mix things” and to “keep the tennis as it is”.
  3. There is another mini-grand slam planned by de Villiers, it should be played in Europe in May, as a preparation for Roland Garros.
  4. Managing Director of promoters SAIL, Brand de Villiers, added: “The time difference of just two hours between the UK and South Africa is the key.
  5. De Villiers was given a letter signed by 65 players in which de Villiers is asked to review his plans to change the European clay season.
  6. "We are tonight before a major political crisis," said Philippe de Villiers, head of the right-wing Movement for France and a vocal lobbyist against the constitution.

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