de soto county

  • 穆索托县是美国制造的登陆舰

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  1. Colombian Foreign Minister Fernandez de Soto said on the 23rd that the Colombian Foreign Ministry is studying Carmona's request for political asylum.
  2. De Soto believes that people are capitalists by nature, but that in the developing world, most are locked out of the capitalist system.
    De Soto认为人类具有成为资本家的天性,但在第三世界,大多数国家被隔离于资本主义体系之外。
  3. HERNANDO DE SOTO: So what we've been discovering is that there's a real huge paper wall that stops the poor from actually being able to develop private legal enterprise.
  4. A city of west-central Arkansas west-southwest of Little Rock. It is a health resort noted for its47 thermal springs. Hernando de Soto first visited the site in 1541. Population,32,462.
  5. Six months later, Andrew Lloyd Webber, creator of a string of international hit musicals and a very wealthy man, spent US $ 29.2 m (242m RMB) on Picasso's "Portrait of Angel Fernandes de Soto".

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