curing measure

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  1. The clinical characteristic and cure measure in the elderly patients with contracoup craniocerebral due to occiput decelerate Injury.
  2. The jetting bore pile construction technique and the prevention and cure measure of trouble in construction were discussed in this paper.
  3. Based on the reservoir operation experience in the three ice periods,suggestion on reservoir operation and comprehensive prevention and cure measure are provided in the text.
    结合水库蓄水后近 3年水库冰凌的实际情况 ,分析了水库防凌对电站发电效益的影响 ,提出了凌汛期水库调度运行的建议及库区河段冰凌的综合防治措施
  4. If which immodesty is bitten by the snake, please adopt in the half an hour to save to cure measure urgently, otherwise the life is difficult to protect.
  5. This paper analyses the causes of the rift and brings a little prevention and cure measure which provides reference for designers, supervisors, builders.
  6. This paper investigates the main several vegetables in the protection of the ground of soil spread diseases take place symptom and corresponding to preventing and curing measure in Jinzhou.

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