coring recovery

  • 收获率

coring recovery的用法和样例:


  1. Suitable for coring in medium hard formation with abrasiveness. Core recovery rate is high.
  2. Suitable for coring in very hard formation with abrasiveness. Core recovery rate is high.
  3. Higher core recovery is assisted in coring operations when this kind of bit is used for hole enlargement.
  4. The new coring tool that made of glass fiber reinforced plastic is used to improve the coring recovery and integrity in the loose gravel formation in Liaohe Oilfield.
  5. Field test shows that it's very effective and reliable, and compares with the offset wells, the coring recovery improved by 22.51%, and its main performances are advanced at home.
  6. The coring tool is tripped in 26 times, with total coring footages of 205. 71m, recovered core of 168.29m and the average core recovery of 81.81%, the highest in the block.
    共下取心工具 26次,取心总进尺205.;71m,收获岩心168, 29m,平均收获率81

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