com cob

  • 玉米芯

com cob的用法和样例:


  1. Cellulase was produced by growing Penicillium sp. NXP25 in liquid medium consisted of 5% com cob powder, 3% wheat bran, 0.35% nitrogen source No 10 and 0.3% calcium chloride.
    青霉(Penicillium sp.;) NXP25在5%25玉米穗轴粉;3%25麦(?)
  2. The results shows that treatd natural lignocellulosic sample such as com cob etc,their length of fibre bundle shortens,fibre bundle arrange disorders,biomass appearance and structure of samples largelyu change to be dilataion and loose state.
  3. The dilute acidhydrolysis quantitative measure results shows that overall yield of the reducing sugar of treated samples largely increase,hydrolysis rate of com cob sample is over the 80%,the rate and speed of hydrolysis are increased by times.
    稀酸水解定量测定结果表明,处理后试样的总还原精得率获得大幅度提高。 玉米芯试样的纤维素水解率达80%25以上,水解率和水解速率成倍提高。
  4. The farmer was pleased to see his piles of corns on the cob.
  5. Rain, rain, go away, com again another day.
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