column packing

  • 柱填充物

column packing的用法和样例:


  1. Bio-Bead SX-3 gel was selected as column packing.
    选择Bio-Beads SX-3凝胶树脂作柱填料。
  2. The second-generation Brush-Type CSP (DNB-Leucine CSP) had been researched in this thesis, including the synthesis of DNB-Leucine CSP and the column packing for analytical and preparative scales.
    本论文选择了第二代刷型手性固定相DNB-Leucine CSP作为研究对象,从DNB-Leucine CSP的合成、DNB-Leucine CSP分析柱和制备柱的填装、分析柱和制备柱柱效的测定等方面,作了深入的研究,并且对实验结果和实验机理做了探讨。
  3. Research and Development Trend of Column Packing
  4. The main products now include analytical and preparative HPLC systems (pumps and UV-Vis detectors), dynamic Axis pressure columns, common preparative columns, column packing pump systems and all kinds of hplc fittings.
  5. Many factors influencing the flow profile and column efficiency were studied, such as frits in the header of columns, injection modes, methods of column packing, packing material and column length.
  6. For instance, a mixture of substances in solution is passed slowly down a long column packed with alumina.

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