column height

  • 柱高

column height的用法和样例:


  1. Recent developments in automatic reading of liquid column height have evolved.
  2. Fig. 9 shows schematically the application of a differential transformer to measurement of liquid column height.
  3. Suitable column height and amount of circulating pulp are key factors to form cyclonic separation.
  4. The interlayer blocks off the oil and gas not only at the reservoir top,but also,if the oil column height is short,on the side.
  5. The relation of SGR to AFPD was established to define the sealing failure envelope line relative to the depth,which can provide a method to estimate the maximum hydrocarbon column height that faul...
  6. It is proved that the optimum condition is 5 cm of cadmium column height,9.15-9.78 of ammoniacal buffer pH and 2-3 times of content of cadmium column of washing drip. The deoxidization efficiency and recovery rate are satisfying.
    结果表明;当镉柱高度为5 cm;氨缓冲溶液pH 9.;15-9

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