coking reaction

  • 焦化反应

coking reaction的用法和样例:


  1. The purpose of this work is to develop a predictable kinetic model of coking reaction for resid catalytic cracking.
  2. The modificative for coke can decrease CRI(Coke Reaction Index),improve CSR(Coke Strength after Reaction).
  3. The mechanism and process of coking reaction for vacuum residua are analyzed, and the lumping kinetic model is used in the process of vacuum residua coking reaction.
  4. The results showed that good correlation exists among the coke quality indexes under temperature-programmed,but they can not replace that among coke reaction index and quality.
  5. On the basis of it, the multi-stage mathematical model of the drying, pyrolysis and gas-coal coke reaction in the UCG was established, and the calculation results were analysed and discussed.
  6. According to the coking reaction mechanism of mineral oil and the composition characteristics of oily sludge, the natural dried oily sludge were coked using a self designed charring reaction unit.
    针对含油污泥的组成特点 ,利用矿物油的焦化反应机理 ,以自然干化含油污泥为原料 ,利用自行设计的焦化反应装置对含油污泥进行焦化处理 ,获取了大量的试验数据。

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