coal market

  • 煤炭市场

coal market的用法和样例:


  1. For this, we are necessary to made a thorough analysis of the developing status of coal market in coastland.
  2. It makes prediction and analysis on China's coal demand, production capacity, transportation and sale as well as coal market situation.
  3. Analyses coal market and product by using economic law between supply and principlc of demand elasticity,Put forwards the way deal with the competition for market.
  4. As demand recovers, export infrastructure constraints, particularly in Australia, are once again becoming an issue, further tightening the seaborne thermal coal market.
  5. For adapting to the change of national coal market, reducing the cost of the power-generated coal and expanding the coal-perveyed chanel, HPI encourages us to use Indonesia coal which has higher heat value, higher volatile, less ash component.
    为了适应国内煤炭市场变化 ,降低发电用煤成本 ,拓宽煤炭供应渠道 ,公司倡导试用有很高经济价值的印尼煤。
  6. LU Hong senior expert analysis seamless steel tubes, said the coal market in China this year show the petition "to stock inventory and fill the diagonal with the turn of the W-type movements.

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