co-axial nozzle

  • 共轴喷管

co-axial nozzle的用法和样例:


  1. The ore body was contolled by both the co axial overprinted fold of two periods and the ductil brittle shear fault.
  2. Materials and Methods Twelve cases of TCCF were treated with co axial detachable balloon catheter (Balt Company, France) under DSA monitoring.
    材料与方法 应用法国Balt公司的同轴可脱性球囊技术 ,在数字减影 (DSA)监视下 ,对 12例TCCF患者施行可脱性球囊栓塞治疗。
  3. Methods Twelve cases of CCF were treated with co axial detachable balloon catheter (Balt company,France) under DSA monitoring.
    方法 在DSA监视下 ,采用法国Balt公司的同轴可脱性球囊技术 ,对 12例CCF患者进行了可脱性球囊栓塞治疗。
  4. Omega crono meccanica co axiale per le olimpiadi del 2006 fondello inciso con cerchi olimpici scatol...
    成色 1 (新);购买日期 2006;钢;自动发条;含包装盒;含说明书;所在地: 义大利, alassio;
  5. She longed to clout him in the nozzle.
  6. Keywords terrain;supercrustal rock;TTG complex;fold;co axial overprint;ductile brittle sher fault;

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