cement ratio

  • 掺入比

cement ratio的用法和样例:


  1. The purpose of this paper is to solve the problem of high water cement ratio during construction and low water cement ratio during solidification.
  2. Factors affecting the filtering and fluidity of filtering concrete such as water cement ratio,quantity of cement and quantity of fly ash are analyzed.
  3. In addition,water quantity of concrete is bigger,plastic shrinkage of concrete is bigger when water to cement ratio is invariable.
  4. Influences of water to cement ratio(W/C) and cement content on concrete cubic compression strength are analyzed in detail based on experimental results.
  5. The design of cement ratio is encountered by means of replacing the soil with grout, and the distribution of cement in the pile is changing with the return soil-cement.
  6. Effects of cement quantity, hydration temperature, cement fineness, water cement ratio, gypsum addition and hydration time on the particle weight of cement were studied.
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