cement quality

  • 固井质量

cement quality的用法和样例:


  1. Motor-driven Cement Transport:Stable and adjustable cement quantity, keeping sound cement quality.
  2. Waiting on cement out of rig time and electrical logging cement quality were achieved and drilling time efficiency was rai...
  3. On the other hand, increasing the amount of fine powders, improving the particle size distribution of cement, and blending the cement with slag and fly ash to inhibit AAR are also efficient ways to improve cement quality.
    提高我国水泥质量的根本途径是提高熟料质量 ,改善水泥性能 ,包括提高硅酸盐矿物总量和早强矿物含量 ,提高熟料率值 ,特别是提高SM ,增加细粉含量 ,控制水泥颗粒级配 ,以及走掺矿渣和粉煤灰抑制碱集料反应的道路。
  4. To utilize two properties of fly ash as grinding acid and admixture, it can be grinded in a certain ratio in primary mill and secondary mill separat ely to get a certain improvement in cement production, cement quality and the ad dition amount of fly ash.
  5. Cement grinding is an important link in the cement production procedure, which has a direct effect on not only cement quality, espeially cement fineness, but also cement output and energy consumption.
  6. We develop QGZ A cement quality logging system for removing the influence of temperature,pressure of downhole,tilt and eccentricity of the tool and so forth on logging record data.

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